Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365 - Day One

I have started a project 365 so I am going to try and do a sketch/concept every day especially for it. The game is discipline. - PROJECT 365 - Im not gonna post all of them here since I have the project page but I will post the ones I like the most.

Day one is a quick sketch starting with thick strokes and then some fine detailed ones over it and then thick ones again.

I do hope you like it.


  1. great start. Hope you can keep it up

  2. Thanks Steve:) I hope so too. Wont be easy at all.

  3. wow. i very nearly said ill join you... wht the hell. ill join ya buddy! LETS GO TO WAR MARIO! incredable start. ill be starting on tuesday.

  4. Thanks Henry! Discipline is tamed more easily with company:) Send me your link when you start and I'll follow you.

  5. Sounds like a great idea Mario! Only 364 days to go!! hehe ;)
    I've tried recently to make a list with a friend of mine of a 100 illustrations subjects/themes to draw/paint but we kinda stopped after the third one for lack of time and probably organization I suppose... hopefully you'll manage your own "list" ;)
    Have fun!

  6. I really like this man nice stuff


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